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Hey there woodworkers!! To get our group rolling, I'm putting out a welcome and intro post.

I'm Dana. I've been woodworking since about 1984 in junior high. I made a headboard for my waterbed. Yes, a waterbed!! I worked at a cutting board shop until recently, and will hopefully be going out on my own doing more artsy woodworking utilizing my Shapeoko CNC machine. Photo is a piece I just made for a holiday gift. 5/4 cedar glued together, burned and made to look weathered. Design is cut down in 1/8" increment layers. Painted with acylics. Cheers!

Dec 15, 2021

I've always loved wood and woodworking. If my life had spun a different way, I might have been a custom/artistic wood worker. I've done a bit of carving, and seem to 'collect' cool woods.



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