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Projects and Material for Makers

A new venture from the High Desert Makers! The Scrap Broker!!!

What does that even mean?

Basically, the High Desert Makers is looking for "industry scrap". Or, quality materials that high-throughput companies don't have time to manage. The "waste" can be turned around to makers to be used in projects.

The benefits:

  • Local businesses can get a possible tax write off

  • Local businesses can feel better about their materials being repurposed

  • Local makers can have better access to high quality project materials for very little 

  • The High Desert Makers fund our outreach and activities

  • The planet gets less trashed

  • It's a win all around!!!


The Scrap Broker, while addressing the issues of waste and repurposing, also aims to fund programs that benefit Central Oregon and the world. We are always seeking to have a greater impact, but our current efforts are in the following:

Scholarship programs for kids and adults

Through partnership with the DIYcave, Scrap Broker funds are used to bring learning and making to individuals who would not normally have access. This includes classes pertaining to art, tech, vocational skills, and productive entertainment.

Acquiring tools and materials

Many tools or making materials are challenging to come by, or require substantial initial investment. Through our community partners, we aim to collect and allocate tools and materials which may be difficult for individual makers to acquire.


Central Oregon Maker Faire

To spread maker awareness, some Scrap Broker funds are used to sponsor and run events during the Central Oregon Maker Faire



Email if you would like to donate product scraps or would like to find out where you can find said project materials.

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