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A Motley Group Of Artists, Makers and Enthusiasts Located In Bend, Oregon USA

KinSculpt Artists’ Statement


KinSculpt’s origin began in late 2019 as a way to unite local artists and makers during the COVID-19 pandemic. This motley group was determined to (even remotely) create the various components of a traveling public sculpture despite citywide lockdown restrictions in Bend, Oregon. Inspired by unity, collective growth and a mantra of “think-it, build-it” the project indeed sprung to life in the form of an eighteen foot tall electrified flower titled Fleur de Lux. The multi-media sculpture debuted at the 2021 Central Oregon Makers Faire which is now in its third year! Numerous exhibitions since have included; Bend’s Steampunk Music Festival (2022 and 2023), Burning Man “Waking Dreams” 2022, and the 2023 Oregon Country Fair. 





About Fleur de Lux:

Inspired by the cardinal/intercardinal directions of the compass rose, this eight-pointed flower celebrates gathering, where the arrival of knowledge fosters an enthusiasm for creativity. The sculpture features a central column selected from reclaimed irrigation pipe and various structural members made from scrap armor plate. Each petal is mechanized to bloom independently while translucent multicolored panels are electrified with over 3,000 LEDs defining Fleur de Lux as the ‘flower of light.’ Various techniques were used during fabrication by the KinSculpt team as they collaborated with paper and steel models prior to making the finished components. The DIYcave (Bend, OR) provided a home base with in-house resources including 3D printing, CNC plasma cutting, metal forming, torch cutting, welding, machining, riveting and electronics. Some of the team also utilized their own studio/shop spaces while constructing the towering 18 ft. tall x 20 ft. wide wingspan of the kinetic sculpture. Some of the original style cues morphed from lotus and orchid flowers to the more industrial elements of Steampunk and Bauhaus creating what the team refers to as ‘robo-botanical.’ An onboard computer control system runs projection-mapping software and is designed to be expandable with a variety of interactive features. As always, it's a work in progress, but after half a dozen big events across the state and plenty of new ideas in the books, KinSculpt is certainly the team to "think it, build it." 


Find us on Instagram @kinsculpt and come say hi if you're in town!


- KinSculpt


Fleur De LUX Giant Metallic Flower with Heavy Duty Actuators - March 23, 2023

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