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A Motley Group Of Artists, Makers and Enthusiasts Located In Bend, Oregon USA

Our group formed in the middle of a very challenging year with one goal in mind: to create something big and beautiful to lift the spirits and inspire the minds of all who come upon it. This vision has manifested itself as Fleur de LUX – a large, interactive, robo-botanical kinetic sculpture that borrows its design from nature, but invokes something fantastical! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of hardship, we want this piece to evoke new life.

Fleur de LUX invokes the form of a flower, with large steel “petals” that open up to reveal a central “pistil” containing a dazzling embedded LED display, and brilliant “stamen” formed from handmade neon tubing.

Why a flower?

The flower is symbolic of the process which brought this idea to life. A group of people coming together and cross-pollinating their ideas with one another, and those ideas blossoming into a concept and form. The flower is also symbolic of rebirth, regeneration, and connection, which are things that people are craving after this past year. Fleur de LUX draws the community together by encouraging viewer interaction to control its shape, color and sound.


The blooming of the petals and the activity of the lights will be controlled by contactless audience interaction with the piece, allowing creativity and experimentation on the part of the viewer. Our vision is for the viewer to interact with Fleur de LUX to control the light show, the sound, and the motion of the sculpture with the wave of an arm, a swipe of a finger, a click on their phone, or through their voice.

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